Thursday, May 24, 2012

Alameda in August - The Booth Concept

One of my Mother's oldest friends was such an inspiration to me when I was growing up. She had a beautiful home and a style that still influences my decorating decisions to this day. She also had three sons and one daughter, Holly. 

Holly and I have been friends all of our lives and we have always wanted to do an antique market together. After dreaming of doing "a booth" for too many years to mention, we are finally going to do one this August at "The Point" antiques market held in Alameda, California. We have decided to do a gold and black theme booth and have started to amass our stash. Here is a preview of some of the things we will have to offer ... enjoy.

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  1. Hi Mary reading your blog. I should be working but with the quiet, I couldnt resist. Wanted to let you know I have several friends coming and I cant wait to see you again in August. We will be playing at The Point! I came home from Sonoma on Thursday and rearranged the living room again - fully inspired by my trip!! Thanks for playing a part. Love my black/white and gold..


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