Friday, June 8, 2012

Random Shots Of Amsterdam

My husband has a job that takes him to all sorts of wonderful places, Amsterdam being one of them.  I have not been to Amsterdam in a million years but I do remember how much I loved it and the people who live there.  I did not get to go on this trip with my husband but he was dutiful in taking pictures of the places he knows I would have spent all day in ... next time

Everyone in Amsterdam rides a bike.  There are bike racks and parking garages just for bicycles everywhere . This was a store my husband stumbled upon on one of his bike trips around the city.  Look at that stunning wall of mirrors.  Just beautiful.

What else would you expect in Amsterdam other than a world class bulb market. 

This picture was taken at the Rembrandt House Museum where Rembrandt lived and painted for nearly twenty years. It is now a museum. Rembrandt purchased the house in 1639 and lived there until he went bankrupt in 1656, when all his belongings were auctioned. Thanks to the detailed inventory and catalogue for the auction, and also some drawings by Rembrandt, the dutch have an unusually good idea of the contents, which has allowed the museum to reconstruct the appearance of the rooms with similar period items.

And of course what a wonderful find ... a record / antique store.  I think this is just a kick in the pants, a little something for everyone.

The houses in Amsterdam are taxed according to the square footage of the footprint of the home so the Dutch built up, not out.  The stairwells and doorways are so narrow each house is equiped with a hook on the exterior of the home and furniture is "hoisted" into the homes.  If you look at the rooftops of each house in this photo you will see the "house hook".  Crazy.

Even the bottled water has a certain flair.  I'm going next time if for nothing else just so I can say I drank some "Eaulala".

Thanks for having a look at Amsterdam with me.

Mary Jane


  1. Oh...those mirrors and all of the flower bulbs, sigh! I want to go to Amsterdam now too.

  2. Hi Mary Jane...Boy am I glad you stopped by my blog beccause otherwise I would have missed yours. What a wonderful husband to have snapped some pictures for you. You definitely need to try and go with your husband to Amsterdam next time it looks fabulous!

    You asked who Mister Man was and that would be the husband, I've been calling him that forever, just a pet name.



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