Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Flea Market

When you can't buy at a flea market, the next best thing is to sell at a flea market. My girlfriend Marie owns a darling framing shop here in Napa and she is also a very accomplished paper design, collage, mixed media artist. With the encouragement of her friends she is now holding classes to teach her paper art skills at the shop. She will also host other artists who will teach classes on various topics in the coming summer months. To help get the word out about her new endeavor she held a flea market in the front of her store with vendors who share her love for what I call "its and bits". I snapped a few pictures of the early morning set up but things literally "heated up" and the camera never came out again. We had such a good time Marie has planned to hold the market again in September. Enjoy ...

These are such darling small "artist packs" that one of the ladies puts together for her mixed media classes.

Another vendor was a costume designer for the ice follies and had some wonderful vintage costumes and dresses at her booth.

Setting up early in the morning, before the heat wave.

Marie's shop sign.  She is located on Main street in downtown Napa

Lots of cool loot and collectables in this booth.

Ice capades fringed gloves.  They were among many wonderfully trimmed costume items.  There were too many fabulous things to choose from

We had a great time and called it quits a little early.  It was 96 degrees and we were all melting and in need of a cold beer.  If you would like more information about Marie's classes sign up for the email and you will receive her class announcements. 

Thanks again for visiting and remember ... things don't have to be perfect to be perfect.

Mary Jane


  1. Gosh it looked like a wonderfully intimate little market full of unusual finds... I won't miss the next one that is for sure!!!!

  2. I would have had fun there I love little flea markets like this.


  3. nice, interesting blog, about beautiful things! i will follow your blog now.

    Greetings from Germany



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